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StandRewch Company has been providing the United States with innovative packaging for over 15 years. Our pledge to the customer has always been that we will work with them until their products have been loaded into our packaging and shipped. This includes finding the right packages for them - or creating entirely new package designs from the ground up - and devising a solution that is both practical and economical. Read more...

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Custom Totes

With our totes you discover a returnable packaging system which is designed to last and engineered to protect the quality of your product. Through expert engineering, we can provide you with a cost-effective, durable packaging system. Our totes are built of polyethylene or polypropylene corrugated plastic and use three different styles of stacking rails including aluminum an vinyl. The high quality exterior and interior construction of our plastic totes provides you a reliable method of product transport.

These systems are not just manufactured. They are uniquely designed an custom made to fit your parts specifications. Our experienced and creative design team, with CAD support, provides you with the options to select a system custom tailored to meet your needs. Visits to your manufacturing facility assist us in fulfilling the demands of you and your customer. You give us your criteria; we provide the research and design, as well as hand made prototypes. Your packaging system is carefully monitored from incoming raw materials to the final product. Constant attention to detail, quality control and conscientious follow up are just some of the ways we ensure the excellence of our returnable packaging systems.