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StandRewch Company has been providing the United States with innovative packaging for over 15 years. Our pledge to the customer has always been that we will work with them until their products have been loaded into our packaging and shipped. This includes finding the right packages for them - or creating entirely new package designs from the ground up - and devising a solution that is both practical and economical. Read more...

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Interior Packaging

When it comes to getting a package from here to there...intact...we're the experts. An important part of our business is the development and manufacture of superior interior packaging materials which are capable of absorbing the shocks, vibrations, bumps, and drops normally encountered in transportation and storage environments

We're also well versed in those other important areas: toxic resistance, temperature and moisture control, and sound and thermal insulation. We would like to tell you more about our special ability to provide product protection through the creative use of interior packaging. Give us a