Some information

StandRewch Company has been providing the United States with innovative packaging for over 15 years. Our pledge to the customer has always been that we will work with them until their products have been loaded into our packaging and shipped. This includes finding the right packages for them - or creating entirely new package designs from the ground up - and devising a solution that is both practical and economical. Read more...

Our Products

Die Cut Foam

High Density Polyethylene foam, die-cut to fit the configuration of the product or part it cradles (or serving as the product itself), is a specialty with us.

Corrugated Packaging

Whether you're in the market for primary packs, shippers, display gondolas, or all three, we have what you need.

Custom Packaging

An exciting development in the corrugated industry is the increased usage of corrugated pallets in a variety of industrial applications.

Custom Totes

We believe a returnable tote system should have three important features. It should protect part quality, be custom-designed to fit your needs and be long-lasting. With StandRewch products you get all three!

Interior Packaging

With our own fleet of tractor trailers to deliver your product promptly, there is no delay with "transit time".

Returnable Systems

When it comes to getting a package from here to there intact we're the experts